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Year 12 Student Voice Questionnaire 2017

 Don't knowStrongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
1. I enjoy my lessons and find the work interesting
2. I feel well supported in my learning
3. I am encouraged to challenge myself in lessons
4. The homework I am given helps me to learn
5. I am encouraged to develop independent learning skills
6. I have choice about how I learn new things
7. The quality of teaching is very good
8. I feel that I have good relations with the school staff
9. Resources and support provided in lessons have been well-matched to my ability
10. I receive encouraging comments from staff when I do well
11. I know what standard / grade / level I am at in my subjects and what I am aiming for
12. I receive regular, useful feedback from my teachers about how I can improve my work
13. I am given enough advice/information to allow me to have clear targets
14. I feel well prepared for tests and examinations
15. I feel safe in school
16. I am happy in school
17. If I have a problem in school, there is somebody I can talk to about it
18. I am encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle in school e.g. non-smoking
19. This is a school that takes very good care of its students
20. There is very little bullying at school
21. Bullying is dealt with effectively
23. Standards of behaviour are generally very good around the school site
24. Students are respectful to each other
25. Staff and students have mutual respect for each other
26. I am encouraged by my tutor and my Head of Sixth Form to come to school every day and to be on time
27. In school, I am taught how to recognise and deal with unsafe situations e.g. Safe Drive ...
28. During registration I have access to tutors to seek help and advice
29. I would recommend this school to another young person
30. The choice of courses allows me to follow a programme that is suited to my talents and career aspirations
31. The printed information about subjects and courses in the Sixth Form was clear, accurate and helpful
32. I was given helpful and constructive advice on what I should do in the Sixth Form
33. Teachers are accessible to me if I have problems with my work
34. Information and help about UCAS and HE was readily available from Tutors and Sixth Form teachers
35. I am given enough help and advice about completing my personal statement
36. I have access to quiet study areas when I need them
37. I have access to reliable ICT in school when I need it
38. Teachers are aware of my attendance and punctuality and encourage me to catch up on work missed
39. I use my time in school productively when I am not being taught
40. There are opportunities for me to be involved in Sixth Form and wider school life
41. I feel I am treated as a responsible young adult in the school
42. Students are involved in making decisions about the life of the Sixth Form e.g. Senior Team, School Council ...
43. I enjoy being in the Sixth Form at Maltby Academy and would recommend others to join the Sixth Form here