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GCSE Mathematics Support

In preparation for the reformed GCSE in mathematics this summer, we would like to offer an opportunity for parents/carers to engage in the preparations with their son/daughter. 

On a weekly basis, a set of questions will be made available on the Academy website, alongside the examiner report and mark schemes. 

Whilst there is no expectation that students will bring these in for marking, and this will not replace the homework, revision or prep work that is being set by class teachers, for parents/carers who wish to further support their son/daughter, it means that you can have something focused to do with them each week. 

Questions have been sourced for the first five topics we are focusing on for revision and interspersed them with “factors/multiples/primes” type problems (which are in a different colour font). Each week we will intersperse different topics so that there is a wider range of topics included over the run up to the exams. Note that some questions have no examiner report as they are new questions and haven’t yet been used in a live exam. 

If students do require support they can access the after school maths support session every Thursday in room 1F1.

Please download questions and markschemes below. This week’s final countdown - Part 13 and Part 14 (Higher).