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Enrich and Inspire Programme

YEAR 7 and YEAR 8

students take part in the Enrich and Inspire programme as part of their learning at the Academy.

Students are selected based on their high achievement at the end of Year 6 and their potential for progression to Russell Group Universities – essentially the most competitive universities in the country. The Enrich and Inspire programme follows on from the success of the HE+ (Higher Education Plus) programme that we have developed over the last six years with Homerton College, Cambridge for our Year 12 and Year 13 highest achieving students.

As leaders of the HE+ programme we have gained a valuable insight and great understanding of the super-curricular learning habits that Oxbridge and other Russell Group Universities demand of students. Students who are able to demonstrate these learning habits have a greater likelihood of being offered a place over other candidates with equally very high achievement at both GCSE and A level.

Aim Of The Programme

For our highest achieving students in Year 7 and 8 to establish an even greater sense of informed enthusiasm and commitment towards their subjects.

Core Principles

Students should become competent and confident in using what they already know to engage with learning in new and unfamiliar contexts. Being confident includes having the self-assurance to take time to think about answering questions and solving problems.

What’s Involved?

  • Year 7 Programme: Geography, Maths, English, Biology
  • Year 8 Programme: History, Chemistry, Modern Foreign Languages, Physics
  • Small group teaching (no more than 15 per group)
  • 90 minute sessions
  • One session per half term

Benefits For Students

  • Learn beyond the curriculum
  • Develop academic flexibility
  • Develop essential super-curricular habits for learning earlier
  • Develop informed enthusiasm
  • Better preparation to achieve the highest grades when transitioning to GCSE and A-level
  • Become Russell Group University / Oxbridge Ready

Click here for more on the Higher Education Plus programme.

Year 9

Ensuring that all of our students achieve their full potential is the fundamental ethos of Maltby Academy. However, we recognise the need to ensure that our high ability students are challenged in order to ensure they have the best opportunities to perform to the best of their ability. We aim to;

  • create an ethos where it is positive to accelerate Learning and achieve;
  • encourage all students to become independent learners;
  • be aware of all the effects of other factors and circumstances on learning and high achievement (e.g. gender and ethnicity);
  • provide an environment to appropriate, differentiated education;
  • provide opportunities to develop specific skills or talents;
  • raise awareness of the high ability students to opportunities available in the outside world;
  • work with parents, students and the wider community to achieve these aims;
  • encourage, challenge and support our high ability students to enable them to reach their potential in all areas of endeavour;
  • regularly monitor the progress and teaching of high ability students.

In Year 9, through the personalised curriculum we offer, we recognise the needs of the individual and the importance of meeting distinct needs. As teachers, we recognise that many of our students are high ability and we endeavour to foster and extend their abilities to their maximum potential. We believe that the most effective way to develop high ability students is through excellent teaching and learning. We are committed to ensuring that these students are continually challenged in their learning, they meet demanding curriculum targets and that they achieve the highest grades in public examinations. Additionally, we support our high ability students through encouraging them to enjoy a full and rounded education and this means encouraging them to take part in the extra-curricular opportunities on offer to explore and develop their talents.

Our ‘Aspire Project’ is an example of an enhancement and it aims to;

  • Support students to develop their independent learning skills
  • extend high ability students learning outside of the classroom in an area of their choice
  • inspire and motivate high ability students so they become more curious and imaginative learners
  • develop students so they can demonstrate creativity, inventiveness and flexibility