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Year 7 and 8 Timetable

As we revised Year 7/8 students’ timetables for Home Learning and moved to three period days in order to support students and parents/carers with managing the current challenges of Home Learning, alongside other commitments and pressures, we included some subjects in double or triple slots, as shown here:

To ensure students are still accessing all of their curriculum subjects, but make things a little more manageable, we will now be rotating Art/Drama/Music on a three week cycle and PE/DT on a two week cycle. As such, this week, students will be able to access Art work, for Tuesday Period 2, next week will be Drama during that period and the following week will be Music. Students will be able to access D&T work this week, for Thursday, Period 2 and PE work next week for this period. Work will be uploaded on Teams accordingly. If you need guidance with accessing Teams, please click here.

Please note: The above arrangements will be reflected in print outs for those students accessing hard copies of work as well.