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Why reading is important

Why reading is important: what are the goals of literacy at Maltby Academy?

At Maltby Academy, we believe that literacy and reading are the most important gateways we have to the wider world. Books are a vital learning tool, and they play a pivotal role in our understanding of ideas, cultures and histories that are different from our own.

We passionately believe that students at Maltby Academy deserve the opportunity to develop their own perspectives of the world around them. Ultimately, we hope that they will use these perspectives to shape their own understanding of themselves, and the roles that they will play in the wider world once they leave us. Subsequently, we are continuously striving to provide our students with the skills and encouragement to engage with, and enjoy, a wide range of texts. We aim to create a lifelong love of reading and to ensure that our young people gain the confidence to express themselves freely – benefitting them, not just in school, but throughout their entire lives. We are excited to share this journey with you!