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Curriculum Offer

We aim to provide a curriculum which is appropriate for each student in its range and demands and which raises aspirations of all of our young people within our local setting

We aim to encourage and develop academic skills of increasingly independent study, research and thought

We aim to encourage and develop wider personal skills to allow a confident entry into Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Higher Degree Apprenticeships and to create adaptability and resilience befitting the realities of working life in the 21st century


We aim to deliver a curriculum which raises educational standards and betters the life chances of all of our Post 16 students. The curriculum places the students at the heart of curriculum planning enabling them to develop as lifelong learners who have the knowledge, skills and learning attributes which enable them to be resilient and adaptable learners. This will enable our students to be equipped to deal with whatever challenges our rapidly changing world may hold for them in the future. 

This curriculum meets the Government’s 16-19 study programmes that are designed to provide students with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that support their development and progression in line with future career plans.

Students will study one or more academic, applied or vocational qualification that is appropriately matched to their individual needs and links clearly to training, employment or higher education. Planning provides students with sequenced learning, that builds on knowledge and skills for each subject area, leading to a cohesive structure and improved outcomes. Students are guided effectively through a clear set of admission criteria to ensure that they are on the correct courses and can succeed. To reflect the greater demand of the academic and vocational specifications, the majority study three A Level or equivalent subjects. However, if appropriate, students can study four subject pathways to facilitate their career aspirations. This ensures students maximise their options of progression at the end of the sixth form.

Entry requirements

All A Level or Applied General subjects at Post 16 at Maltby Learning Trust have subject entry criteria. Access to these courses will be strictly enforced. The minimum entry requirements are 5 GCSE passes at Grade 5 or above (or equivalent), including at least one grade 5 in English and Maths. No admissions will take place after week 3 of the autumn term. Enrichment options are taken in Year 12, alongside both the Academic 2 and Mixed Academic-Applied General pathways.

Please use the contact page if you have any questions about our entry requirements.