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Maltby Academy is now using the online tool - Satchel:One, to communicate homework. This provides greater visibility into the homework your child is receiving.

You can login via a web browser or the Satchel:One App for iOS or Android. When logged in, you’ll only see your child’s homework. You can also opt to receive email and push notification alerts for when homework is set, your child receives feedback, upcoming deadlines and school events.

Homework will be set once per week, per subject for each student; or if they only have that subject once per week, then it will be set every fortnight. Students will receive positive conduct points for good examples of homework; whereas late, missing or substandard homework will receive negative conduct points.

Click here to read a guide to submitting homework.

Watch the Instructional video for help on how students submit work from their home computer or the App.

App Submission



Online Submission



Watch the Instructional video for help on how students access Satchel:One from their home computer. 




Click here to go to the Satchel:One site.