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Inter-Schools Rugby Competition

After a lot of hard work in training, two teams went to the Inter-Schools Rugby Competition and were ready for action!

The girls team were amazing and shone amongst the teams, several people commented on just how good they were.

They won every game and came away the festival champions! Well done

The first of two Maltby sides to play competitively in a decade and now champions!

The boys had a tough but rewarding afternoon, they lost their first game by a close margin but won their second by a landslide and the change in attitude showed after that. They reached the final, played their absolute hearts out all game and managed to tie it all up 2-2. Sadly, the opposition scored in the last 10 seconds of the game and that was that. Hard fought second place so well done to them all and every official named Maltby the politest, professional, well-mannered team at the tournament.

Overall Maltby Academy came and made a statement and showed that we support all the core values of rugby and have some amazing and talented players. 

Some of the stand out players were:

Charlie W: He showed another level of sportsmanship, constantly picking the boys up, always at the front of everything and kept everyone smiling throughout, and in terms of tackling no one outworked him.

Harry B: In terms of taking coaching on board this was particularly brilliant from Harry. He showed that he’s been listening from the start and his understanding was key at times.

Rhys Y: He gave everything and scored the ‘try’ of the tournament and really showed how much he enjoyed playing.

Logan P: Led from the front and it showed how much he’d been looking forward to playing in this. Took every chance and refused to take a rest.

Ellis W: Captain of the side and showed it, spoke with a lot of respect to the ref and to his team, took on board what we said and proved he was the right choice.

Evie M: Captain of the team, awesome player, and fan favourite. Every coach, official and organiser had to come tell us how well she did and how good she was as a player and person, honest credit to herself and the school.

Ava M: Absolutely blew everyone away, never off the ball and ran for miles. Really came in willing to play and big leader going forward.

Imogen A: Really impressive work rate, to say she has only had two weeks she took everything we taught as well as what coaches there had to say on board.

Marli H: Real personality of the day, it was great to see her enjoy it so much and clearly keen to carry on!


We are looking forward to a year ahead of fixtures between other schools and letting them show on more of a weekly basis just how good they are.