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Key Stage 3

In Years 7-9, the homework that we set our students focusses on retrieval of key foundational knowledge that students have been taught in lessons. The rationale for this is that research tells us that regular and spaced retrieval helps to embed this knowledge into students’ long-term memories - we can then work on supporting them to use and apply it at KS4. Each term students will be provided with a new Knowledge Organiser outlining subject content for that term. Their teachers will tell them which pages to read before attempting the homework quizzes on Satchel:One. Students will be set between 5–7 quizzes each week, according to the KS3 periodicity overview for 2023-2024 (download below).

Students can access Satchel:One using their normal school login. Parents/carers need a login code to access this and these were provided when your child joined the Academy – if you need help with this, please refer to the useful parents' guide.

For maths, rather than Satchel:One, we use the Sparx platform. This creates personalised homework for students on topics they have recently studied. Students are set a piece of homework on Sparx each week and there are also optional opportunities for further independent practice. Whilst students should answer the questions on the Sparx platform, they should complete their working out on paper, as this is the way in which students answer questions in lessons and exams and is most likely to help ensure that learning is secure in students' long-term memory.

Students will continue to receive positive points on ClassCharts for each homework that is completed. They will also receive a negative point for each homework not completed. Please encourage your child to talk with you about what they are learning and discuss their homework.

Knowledge Organisers

Term 1

Year 7                                         Year 8                                       Year 9

Term 2

Year 7                                        Year 8                                           Year 9