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Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11, homework needs to support students to develop a wider range of skills and so looks not only at retrieval, but extended writing, exam technique practice and also encourages them to develop more independence by reading around or researching a particular topic or topics.

In view of this, students will no longer use a Knowledge Organiser to support the completion of retrieval quizzes as they did in Years 7-9. Instead, each subject sets homework using a platform that is most appropriate for that subject – for example, Maths uses the Sparx Website whilst Science, Geography and History use Tassomai. We appreciate that this can sometimes be confusing for both students and parents/carers, so for clarity students have been provided with an overview summary of the platforms and details of the periodicity of when each subject’s homework is set. You can find this below.

Students will continue to receive positive points on ClassCharts for each homework that is completed. They will also receive a negative point for each homework not completed. Please encourage your child to talk with you about what they are learning and discuss their homework.