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MA Governance Committee

Name Type of Governor Responsibility Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed By 
Pete Sorsby Business/Education Chair/Curriculum/Y11 and Y13 Outcomes 29.11.16 29.11.24 Governors
Sharon Greensill Community Vice Chair/ Behaviour and Personal Development 30.11.15 18.10.22 Governors
Stephen Hattersley Parent Health and Safety/Website 13.12.21 12.12.25 Parents
Danielle Curtis Staff Teacher   03.12.21 02.12.25 Election
Lucy Mann Parent   13.12.21 12.12.25 Parents
Nichola Kirkham MBE Staff Associate Professional   24.03.20 23.03.24 Election
Alexander Steadman Business/Education SEN 03.12.20 02.12.24 Governors
Andy Hopkin Business/Education Safeguarding 03.12.20 02.12.24 Governors
Paul Benson Business/Education   01.09.22 31.08.26 Governors
Rebecca Moore Community   26.01.23 25.01.27 Governors
Adam Tinsley Community   26.01.23 25.01.27 Governors
Vacancy x 1 Community        
Richard Wood Principal                             

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please contact the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Rachael Barratt on 01709 812864 or