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MA Governance Committee

Name Type of Governor Responsibility Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed By 
Pete Sorsby Business/Education Chair/Curriculum/Y11 and Y13 Outcomes 29.11.16 28.11.24 Governors
Sharon Greensill Community Vice Chair/Safeguarding/ Behaviour and Personal Development 30.11.15 18.10.22 Governors
Stephen Hattersley Parent Health and Safety/Website 05.12.17 05.12.21 Parents
Chris Simmonds Community Finance/Staffing 21.01.10 11.02.22 Governors
Sam Boon Staff Teacher   09.10.17 09.10.21 Election
Kirstien Wilson Parent   31.01.19 30.01.23 Parents
Nichola Kirkham MBE Staff Associate Professional   24.03.20 23.03.24 Election
Alexander Steadman Business/Education SEN 03.12.20 02.12.24 Governors
Andy Hopkin Business/Education Post 16 03.12.20 02.12.24 Governors
Sam Highfield Business/Education   17.05.21 16.05.25 Governors
Vacancy Community        
Vacancy Community        
Richard Wood Principal                             

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please contact the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Rachael Barratt on 01709 812864 or