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Sociology and Psychology trip

The Psychology/Sociology trip to London was a huge success.

The Sixth Formers took part in many things during their stay in the capital which has aided their understanding of the subject considerably and will help with their study.


This included walking tours where students were able to develop a deeper understanding of the influence of Karl Marx and the Suffragettes on our society today, a visit to the Bethlem museum of the mind where they were able to reflect on how the understanding and treatment of mental illness has changed throughout the years. In the evening, they watched Billy Elliott the musical and students were able to see the conflict between the working class and middle class ideologies with many references to the mining strikes in the 1980s. Students also acknowledged how gender scripts are deeply ingrained and how this can cause conflict with personal and family life. Overall the production demonstrated how individuals are able to shape our own lives, not always influenced by society.


Students found the trip fascinating and were a credit to themselves and the Academy. Click here for pictures.