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'Hidden Worlds' Science Project

Maltby Academy are proud to be the only school outside of Sheffield to be chosen to take part in the University of Sheffield's Krebs Festival. This year, the project is called 'Hidden Worlds'.


A group of 15 Key Stage 3 students are taking part. ‘Hidden Worlds” is an exciting project that gives students the chance to explore the microscopic world and the art of animation. First, they’ll get to hear about current research from a practicing scientist and then they’ll put their creativity to work by interpreting the science in an imaginative, visual way, with help from local artist and science enthusiast Steve Pool. They will work in teams with Steve over the following months to bring the topic to life with a short animation.


The team of students are then invited to a special night for schools during the University of Sheffield’s Krebs festival in early November 2015 where they will present their work and see it projected at large scale on the side of one of the University buildings. The school's night will also be a chance for students to visit the ‘Hidden Worlds” exhibition which is running as part of the Krebs festival (which celebrates the life and legacy of Sir Hans Krebs), have a guided tour of the research labs and join in other activities on the night. Team prizes will be awarded for the best animation and best team presentation. Parents/carers, friends, families of students and teachers are welcome to come along.


Sir Hans Krebs (Lecturer in Pharmacology 1935-45, Professor of Biochemistry 1945-54) won the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology in 1953 whilst at the University of Sheffield. Sir Krebs won the prize for the discovery and development of the Krebs Cycle, which explains how life-giving energy is released in cells by oxidation of glucose to carbon dioxide and water. This historical discovery underpins our understanding of life.


Watch this space for all the latest news and on twitter #krebsfest2015