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To be able to think creatively, and be creative, are skills highly sought after within all occupations in the 21st Century. At Maltby academy, we strive to deliver a curriculum, which prepares our students for the world beyond Maltby, whether they leave us after KS3, or stay with us through KS4 and 5.

Studying Art, Craft and Design can give our students greater understanding of the world in which we live, and enable them to discover ways in which they can engage with it. Our aim is to provide a thorough curriculum, which is accessible for all students, developing into visually literate, resourceful learners, whilst creating a culture of enjoyment and risk taking within the department.

Our department promotes the value of Art, Craft and Design within the School and to the wider community by engaging in whole school displays, collaborative projects, trips and exhibitions, and ensuring our contextual references exemplify a diverse range of practitioners, from a range of cultural backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and beliefs.

The curriculum structure has been developed to align with our feeder primary schools, in a spiral route of progression. Students build on a purposeful set of skills that are developed each year, allowing students to see growth within their outcomes. Drawing appears as a starting point for all projects but through many guises including observational, imaginative, emotional, sensory, and using many other items than a simple pencil.

The department offers a broad range of disciplines for the students to develop their work in, allowing for maximum engagement for students. A developing use of photography in schemes throughout KS3 – 4, has been built up to deliver an AS Level enrichment course to sit alongside students' A Levels.

During KS3 we aim to give pupils a comprehensive exploration of media in the subject to prepare them for GCSE. Students will undertake work in 2D & 3D including painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. This is further underpinned with busy afterschool sessions where students build on their learning further. Those who opt to continue Art at GCSE then have a secure foundation in the skills required to become responsible, competent, and reflective artists. By the end of Y10 and into Y11, students are working more independently in Art, with options to develop work according to their strengths and encouraged to make independent and informed choices along the way with each student working on his or her personal project with individual weekly tasks discussed with and set by their teacher.

Students who study Art, Craft and Design leave with a passion for the subject, the skills to succeed, and a desire to demonstrate these in the wider world.