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Curriculum Intent

Through rigorous exploration, within Creative Arts, MA students will develop the necessary empathetic skills to lead compassionate lives. They will study a variation of themes through different texts, genres, artists, and mediums, that present multiple facets of different cultures, societies, and histories. This empowers learners, enabling them to make connections between diverse backgrounds and widening their outlook. The practical nature of the curriculum provides a unique environment for all learners to thrive.

When devising or composing performances, learners are encouraged to research and develop pieces that showcase themes and issues that the students feel passionate about. We actively encourage individuals to develop a voice on a range of subject matters and teach them how to communicate this, in an interesting and imaginative manner.  

Regular group work supports the development of desirable interpersonal skills. Communicating clearly, maturely, and respectfully allows for productive progression within the creative process. Crucially, students are consistently required to reflect on their work, improving evaluation and analytical skills. Working collaboratively to create and develop work enables individuals to master a wide range of transferable skills and furthermore, promotes a sense of self-worth, encourages confidence, resilience and develops relationships. At both Key stage 4 and 5, students can opt to further enhance their skills in either, Performing Arts, Music or Drama. The structure of the curriculum is based on a spiral progression of learning. Through the recursive nature of the subject, pupils will re-visit the skills and techniques, through more complex challenges each year. They will regularly explore how to creatively demonstrate; voice, physicality, instrumental skills and audience awareness to deliver a performance.

The subject promotes an overall appreciation of the arts both inside and outside of the classroom developing discipline, control, and focus, allowing them to grow into well rounded adults.