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Our curriculum is built on the understanding that student investment in their learning is fundamental to their future success and development - as people - and that skills are domain-specific: without a subject-specific, broad and secure grounding in knowledge, these skills are limited. 

Across all key stages, students experience a broad range of high-quality texts, including: full novels, short stories, non-fiction writing, poetry, modern drama and Shakespeare.  Many of our texts are chosen to give students exposure to cultures beyond their own. They work to bridge the gaps between cultureshistoriesmind-sets and contexts. By sharing with students a multitude of writers and genres, we are not only exposing them to the cultural capital they are entitled to, but are giving them the opportunity to respond to, understand and critique what they read as human beings.

Our curriculum is grounded in English Literature because we believe that it is through the development of literary knowledge and experience that students develop the skills and contexts in which to become successful, instinctive and invested readers and writers.  In trying to treat thinking skills in the abstract, away from content, this leads students to respond superficially: by grounding skills in relevant and enriching knowledge, students will develop excellence and confidence, in readingwriting and talk. As such, students will not only become critical thinkers, but will also be provided with the systems and tools to articulate, and justify, these thoughts. Our curriculum seeks to not only invest students in our subject area - it is driven by a desire to ensure students invest in themselves, and the role they play - and will play - in the wider world. 

Curriculum Principles

  • To secure student investment in reading, writing and talk.​
  • To meaningfully immerse students into challenging texts and contexts, regardless of ability or starting point.​
  • To ensure students understand what next steps need to be taken and why.​
  • To provide a broad range of opportunities to write in different modes, for different audiences with a real purpose.​