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Curriculum Intent

Geography encourages people to consider the world and their place within it – its people, its environments, and its challenges. The geography curriculum at Maltby Academy aims to engage all pupils with geography at local, national, and global scales, and help them understand how geographical issues affect them and their communities.

Our curriculum aims to broaden the horizons of all pupils by enlightening them to the world around them through well-planned and engaging lessons. The curriculum builds upon the skills and knowledge they have gained at KS2 and allows pupils of all abilities to build upon this and develop their knowledge of locations, places and environments. Topics and skills learnt in the first three years draw upon aspects of the KS3 National Curriculum linking to locational, human and physical geography and fieldwork, which are transferable to KS4 and beyond.

The curriculum acknowledges the local context of the academy and draws links to geographies that directly affect the young people we teach. Furthermore, through the use of fieldwork, both on and off-site, pupils are given the opportunity to visit new areas of their local and national community, broadening their experience of the world, allowing them to gain cultural capital.

By the end of KS4 pupils will have gained knowledge about a wide range of geographical themes which will inspire them to cherish their geography experience for their rest of their lives, ultimately encouraging them to consider studying the subject at a higher level. Any student having studied geography at KS3 or KS4 should therefore become a lifelong learner, responsible citizen and motivated individual for their future.