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Curriculum Intent


Students will be taught as apprentice historians. They will follow an enquiry based approach which is knowledge rich. The curriculum will be broad, balanced and diverse allowing  students to better appreciate their place in the world.


  • Students to be able to think, speak, read and write like historians. We want them to engage with historiographical debate and sources from the past. We will model this through the use of scholarship throughout the curriculum.
  • We will encourage students to ask and answer historically valid questions. We will develop this by ensuring that lessons and units of study are driven by engaging and academically rigorous enquiry questions.
  • To allow students to 'join the conversation' (counsell, 2019), to build cultural capital and therefore combat social injustice we will ensure that the curriculum is knowledge rich in terms of substantive, disciplinary and 'fingertip' knowledge.
  • We want students to have a 'big picture' of the past through breadth and depth studies, and by exposure to macro and micro histories. We will also want to provide a curriculum with meaningfully embedded diversity in terms of race, gender and geographical scales.
  • In order to allow students to develop their own sense of identity we will creat opportunities for them to engage in the history around them; the historical environment. and how this fits into local, national and global contexts.