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Maltby Academy has four Houses, each with their own colour, history and heraldry. These are: Barts, Bede, Rolleston, and York. 

The Maltby House system was established when Maltby Grammar was founded in 1931. The bold and modern shields, representing the four Houses, are predated by the badges found on the old school emblem, each symbolic of something important to the Maltby community. These were: 

The White Rose of York, symbolising courage, was worn by soldiers and represents the county in which our school lies.

The Saxon Tower of St Barts Church, symbolising strength, was a place of community gathering for worship and other activities and represents protection to the Maltby community.

The Open Book of Bede, symbolising the power of the written word, represents the Venerable Bede who spent much of his life in local monasteries. Bede believed that ancient wisdom could be passed on through the study of important texts.

The Gryphon of the Rolleston Family, symbolising the guardian of secret knowledge, was part of the Rolleston family coat of arms.


Students enhance their leadership skills and community values through the House Senate. Leaders are selected through a democratic process during Votes for Schools. All Senate members receive training and gain recognised qualifications providing skills which transfer into future careers.


Each term, subject areas host House competitions based on the broader curriculum. 


Each House chooses a charity that they support for the year. These are shortlisted by the Senate and then voted on by the whole House during Votes for Schools Sessions.