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Curriculum Intent

Life Skills is a specialist SMSC and RHSE curriculum delivered in a one hundred-minute lesson per fortnight to all students from Year 7 to 10 at Maltby Academy.

The curriculum is a dynamic one, responding to cultural and social changes that affect our daily routines and lives. The themes are continually developed in terms of relevance, complexity, currency and depth depending on the age related requirements of our young people and in response to student voice.

Specialist speakers, external agencies and resource libraries are used to provide an excellent learning experience for all our students. Life Skills delivers the latest PSHE Association Framework guidance and makes reference back to the DfE’s intent on SMSC wrap around provision for all students.

Throughout the Life Skills curriculum, the development of students’ knowledge and application of understanding is ‘tested’ through a series of questionnaires, summative class discussions and student voice feedback. Students reflect on and capture their learning through end of unit assessments used to inform future discussion. Softer measures of the success of Life Skills include student disposition, relationships, behaviour and engagement. Authentic links are made between learning in Life Skills and other subject areas, for example the understanding of addiction contributing to the effects of smoking studied in Science.

Life Skills underpins the majority of RHSE (Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy) Students at every year will experience some form of statutory content around this area at Maltby Academy.

Careers Education (CEIAG) is delivered discretely within The Life Skills framework and more explicitly through ‘drop down’ sessions.

Our Life Skills curriculum is built on three core themes; Relationships, Health & Wellbeing, and Living in the Wider World.

Our Life Skills curriculum is supported by the Character Education programme and the Votes for Schools programme that runs for all students in Year 7-11. Key links are made between the three areas and together this provides a solid base for the delivery of all things SMSC at Maltby Academy.

These themes are embedded to ensure the unique character of every child is developed in order to deal with the societal issues that can impact on anyone and everyone.

Within each theme, students will develop the knowledge and understanding of key concepts to enable them to flourish in the real world. Students will be equipped with the language needed to question and debate in order to positively challenge inequality and present an informed viewpoint. Students will be guided to reflect on their position and status in society whilst appreciating others. Misconceptions and stigmas will be challenged through thoughtful discussion.  Students will also increase their participation in bringing about positive change within the school and wider community. To see an example of our curriculum, offer please check the below topics covered within each year group, there are also some link to our yearly 39 week plans that are reviewed each year for currency and relevance. For any queries regarding this provision, please contact Mrs Owen, Assistant Vice-Principal for Personal Development through the staff communication channels.