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The Anti-Bullying Alliance defines bullying as:

‘the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.’

Bullying is never acceptable and takes many forms. It can be:


  • Aimed at specific groups of people and be homophobic, racial, disablist, gender related

Face to Face:

  • Physical – kicking, hitting, pushing, damaging/stealing property
  • Verbal – name calling, teasing, insulting, intimidation
  • Psychological – spreading rumours, isolating, mimicking, manipulative, playing jokes to embarrass or humiliate

Happen in cyberspace:

  • Texting unpleasant messages, sending unpleasant photos, posting unpleasant messages on social networking sites

You might find it helpful to visit:

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Think u Know

Support at Maltby Academy

In Maltby Academy you should always report bullying to a member of staff, whether it is happening to you or someone else.  This might usually be your Tutor or Student Welfare Manager,  but you could also talk to one of our Safeguarding Team (see below) or you can ask to talk to one of the Rotherham MAST counsellors who are based on-site in school.

Mr M Allen
Vice Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead       
Mr. M Clark
Assistant Vice Principal, Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare    
Mrs H Smith
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer    

Sometimes we might have to tell someone else about your worries so that we can get the support you need to keep you safe and well.  However, we will always tell you if we need to do this. If you don’t choose to talk to an adult in school then you can ask if a peer mentor/buddy is available or click here to visit the resources page.