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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is built on the understanding that student investment in their learning is fundamental to their future success and that skills are domain-specific: without a subject-specific, broad and secure grounding in knowledge, these skills are limited. 

By the end of Key Stage 4, the students will have been exposed to a range of Media set-texts, that span across a range of platforms such as television, advertising, gaming and film. They will have developed a deep analytical understanding of the social contexts that shape the examples and how they affect culture.

  We believe our curriculum is grounded in critical thinking and the ability to be creative because we believe that it is through the development of these skills the students will become successfulinstinctive and well rounded individuals, ready to question and critique the world around them. 

Evidence suggests that in trying to treat thinking skills in the abstract, away from content, leads students to write superficial responses: by grounding skills in relevant and enriching knowledge, students will develop scholastic excellence and confidence.

Our curriculum reflects this approach to education.