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Maltby Academy Planner

In September, students received their 2022-23 Maltby Academy Planner and had an introduction to the planner in Tutor Time. The planner will support teaching and learning, both in Tutor Time and in lessons, when used with consistency by all students and teachers. Students are expected to bring their planner to school every day, and take care when handling their planner, using the plastic covers to protect the pages when storing or carrying it. There will be a charge of £5 for any planner that needs to be replaced, where it has been lost, damaged, or defaced. Students have their planners on the desk in lessons, starting on the Amber page. The coloured pages are used, as follows: 

Red: Having used resources available to me, I am stuck and need help. 
Amber: On entry and when I’m working with desirable difficulty. 
Green: I’ve finished or I need more challenge. 

Beyond this, the Investment in Learning grid (page 6), Literacy/Oracy (pages 22-27) and Numeracy (pages 28-31) support pages will be used in all subjects, where required, and Subject Specific Key Word pages (pages 43-60) will be referred to with regularity in lessons, as well as the Core Subject Pages (pages 32-42), which are used in English, Maths and Science.  

The planners, as they did last year, include mini whiteboards at the back, to be used in lessons. 

In Tutor Time, the following sections are the most pertinent: 

  • Attendance pages (pages 61-64), where students record their weekly and cumulative attendance, as well as House Points, each week. 
  • Character Education pages (pages 88-96), used to drive the importance of our Key Drivers and Character Traits, as part of a comprehensively planned sequence of learning. 
  • Votes for Schools pages (pages 97-141), where students will write their topical speech, having engaged with information relating to the topic, each week. 

Information regarding the following can be referred to: 

  • The Maltby Academy Lesson Cycle (page 7), 
  • Behaviour and Rewards (pages 8-12), 
  • The Maltby Stars Programme (pages 13-14)
  • Uniform Expectations (pages 15-18), 
  • The House System (pages 19-21), 
  • Help and Advice Services (pages 65-80), 
  • The Maltby Learning Trust ICT Acceptable Use Policy (page 81) 
  • The Personal Development Passport (pages 82-87) and 
  • Weekly Notes pages (pages 142-162), where important notices or messages can be recorded, by students, staff or parents/carers, as required. 

We are determined for the planner to support teaching and learning, and therefore ask that you support us by ensuring your child has their planner with them, every day.