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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum strives to deliver a broad learning experience for our students, which develops learners love and passion for physical activity and equips our students with the skills and knowledge to maintain healthy active lifestyles into their adult life. 

We want to broaden our student’s knowledge of sport and physical activity beyond the traditional sports and help promote their physical and mental well-being by providing more variety of activities to engage with. Alongside this we want our students to develop other key essential skills that physical education can teach such as to be good team workers, who possess leadership skills and improve their confidence and resilience through sport. To develop their communication skills and gain confidence when working independently and as part of a team. Through an enjoyable, inclusive curriculum that supports and challenges all, we strive to overcome social disadvantage and break down local community based barriers. Alongside our curriculum runs an extensive extra-curricular offer that makes links with the local community and offers a range of competitive and non-competitive opportunities.

As students move through their journey at Maltby Academy they will learn new skills, both in a practical and theoretical setting, but also repeat and refine existing ones. Our examination courses are designed to develop a student’s written and analytical skills, develop independent learning techniques, be able to apply knowledge to sporting contexts, be able to work to deadlines and gain a real grounding in the theory behind health, sport and physical activity.  These skills will help our students move onto their next stage of learning through either further, higher education or employment and be equipped to be the next leaders in the education, sport and physical activity industry.

Curriculum Principles

  • To provide a high-quality sporting experience that will inspire students to lead lifelong active lifestyles and help them become strong physically, mentally and socially.
  • To develop the key attributes of successful people, through the power of sport.
  • To build on key knowledge and understanding within health and fitness, leadership and practical sports, repeating and refining these skills each year all the way through the curriculum.
  • To equip students with the practical and tactical skills needed to be successful in their chosen sport(s).
  • To provide the opportunity to represent the school in a range of competitive, challenging situations.
  • To broaden their theoretical knowledge of health, sport and physical activity, enabling them to analyse, evaluate and apply to varying contents and scenarios. 
  • To prepare students for the challenges of the workplace by developing ‘real life’ skills alongside a deep knowledge of the theory behind health, sport and physical activity.