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Careers Search

Students will set up logins and be given time to use their Start Profile in Life Skills which will allow students to set up personal profiles by rating their interests, skills etc. They will then be able to explore many different careers and see how well they match to their personal profiles. Once they have their logins and are shown how to use the site, students will be able to access this information anywhere that they can get online. Students should use these regularly to help them to decide on a career path.

Students will set up a login for Start in Year 9.

Log in to your Start Profile account to explore different careers.

You can explore the site without log in details by clicking to continue as a guest.

Video – How to use Start

This NHS Careers website gives lots of useful information about the many different careers in health care:

Click on this link and watch episode 21 to see a guide for how to use the NHS Careers website:

Video – How to use the NHS Careers website

Students can see videos about real life stories and read articles to help to explore careers here.