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Higher Education Plus Programme

Post 16 students take part in the Higher Education Plus (HE+) programme as part of their learning at the Academy. Students are selected based on their high achievement at the end of Key Stage 4 and their potential for progression to Russell Group Universities – essentially the most competitive universities in the country.

The HE+ programme allows students to gain a valuable insight and great understanding of the super-curricular learning habits that Oxbridge and other Russell Group Universities demand of students. Students who can demonstrate these learning habits have a greater likelihood of being offered a place over other candidates with equally very high achievement at both GCSE and
A Level.

Our HE+ consortium work directly with Homerton College, Cambridge. Our Year 12 and 13 highest achieving students engage in university style master classes at different local Post 16 providers. Students then accompany us to Cambridge to visit Homerton, engage in further University style learning and immerse themselves in the surroundings of a world leading, Russell Group University. Students are also supported in their applications with guidance provided directly by a Cambridge admissions tutor.

Aim of the Programme

For our highest achieving Post 16 students (from Key Stage 4 performance) to have high aspirations and develop a feeling of entitlement when seeking places at top Universities. To expose them to university style learning experiences to enhance their belief they are capable of being successful Post 18.

Core Principles

Our Post 16 Students should be confident and aspirational, believing they can compete for course places and going on to be successful on courses at university.

What’s Involved?

  • Half termly, university style master classes with other high achieving students in Rotherham and Sheffield.
  • A visit to Homerton College, Cambridge, to experience student life at a Russell Group.
  • Direct guidance linked to applications for Russell Group universities.

Benefits For Students

  • Develop informed enthusiasm.
  • Develop aspiration and self-belief.
  • Become Russell Group University / Oxbridge-ready.
  • Better preparation when applying to Russell Group universities.
  • Develop essential super-curricular habits for learning earlier.
  • Engagement with other High Achieving students from local Post 16 providers.