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Parent/Carer Guide

Click here for a very useful website for parents/carers.

Click ‘Continue as a guest’ instead of registering or logging on and you will be able to find out all about the different qualifications and careers available for your child straight away. You can discover which qualifications are necessary for particular careers, and also be able to search for career options based on specific subjects studied at GCSE or at A Level. You will even be able to discover labour market information about the different jobs.

Your child will become registered on the site and will be shown how to use a site at the start of Year 7. This site will allow your child to rate their interests and suggest careers for them based on their personal preferences. It also suggests which jobs should really be looked at based on which will be highest in demand in the near future. If you log on with your child you will be able to see which careers are suggested and help to guide your child to make choices about their future.

Video – How to use Start

You can find out lots of helpful information in these parent guides:

Parent Guide – Path to Professional Careers This guide offers lots of guidance about how to support your child’s journey. It explains the different routes available into careers and debates the differences between going to university compared with completing an apprenticeship. It also offers suggestions about how to prepare your child for university.

Parent Guide – Apprenticeships This guide explains about the different types of apprenticeships and how to successfully get an apprenticeship. It also explains what employers are looking for, as well as providing information about apprenticeships in the Army. The link below will short a short video explaining what an apprenticeship is. Click on the ‘Apprenticeships’ link on our Careers page for more information on apprenticeships.

Video – Apprenticeships – Info for parents

Parent Guide – Path to Professional Careers A practical guide giving a step by step approach to help your child focus on career paths connected to their skills and interests. Covering the basics – from university, apprenticeships and other pathways into work, to work experience and employability skills.

Careers in Health Care: This NHS Careers website gives lots of useful information about the many different careers in health care:

Click on this link and watch episode 21 to see a guide for how to use the NHS Careers website and the UCAS website: Video – How to use the NHS Careers website