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Ready to Learn

Students should ensure that they are ready to learn by bringing the right equipment with them.
This includes:

An MA bag

An MA Planner, provided by the Academy

Pencil case with pens, pencils, rubber, ruler and sharpener

A calculator

A Spanish Dictionary

PE Kit - indoor and outdoor (when timetabled)

The Planner

To support with personal organisation and learning, each student will receive a study planner. In order to support them in their learning we ask that parents/carers have regular discussions with their child using the MA Planner as a basis.

Use the Planner to monitor their:

  • Record of attendance
  • Record of achievements
  • Timetable of lessons
  • Record of homework

Explore the toolkit with them which is designed to support learning whilst completing work at home. Parents/carers can also communicate with form tutors and teachers through the MA Planner.