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Curriculum Intent


Team Mathematics are consistently focused on providing an innovative, exciting and challenging educational provision for students of all abilities. A result of this vibrant learning environment is that our pupils will regularly express a passion, respect and enthusiasm for mathematics, which is evident in both their lessons and their engagement with wider learning opportunities.

• It is clear that the children have developed a personal pride in their work, which had been underpinned by regular high-quality marking and feedback in line with MLT policy

• Our typicality is that pupils make rapid and sustained progress as a result of well-planned lessons which ensure the work is closely matched to the children’s needs and aspirational teaching often places learning in the hands of the students themselves, increasing the responsibility and resourcefulness of each pupil

• We reflect on the outstanding work being completed in our feeder primary schools and aim to embed the same resilience in our pupils as soon as they walk through the door in Year 7 What does your curriculum aim to develop in pupils? Apart from excellent progress, what do you expect your pupils to have learnt after five years of studying your curriculum?

• To be numerate, confidently and effectively using mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life.

• Enabling pupils to be able to make informed decisions in their everyday lives and contribute to building a strong economy, allowing the UK to compete globally.

• Share a love and satisfaction of maths. It is satisfying to finish a maths problem and find a new way in which they can use their mathematical toolkit.

• We wish it to be like a work of art – they spend time learning to draw, at first they can’t, then they get more confident and before long they’re drawing it on every surface they find.

• Increasing the ability of our pupils in maths; pupils who are competent in Maths have greater options in life, whether through further study or in their careers.