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Social Science

Curriculum Intent

Through the Social Science curriculum we will stimulate student inquisitiveness of the world around them and give them the tools to investigate and broaden their conceptual knowledge, as well as practical skills to enable them to interrogate, review and propose new ways to advance behaviour and their own society.

In studying Sociology, Psychology and Criminology, students will challenge pre-conceived ideas around community and human demeanour. Making authentic connections between the disciplines, students will explore the impact of nature vs nurture and the ripple effect human actions behold.

Through the development of outstanding orarcy skills students will be empowered to dissect and debate the social construction of society and respective behaviour - investigating the relevance of personal beliefs, social controls and justice with its impact on the global world.

Students will become specialists in their fields inspired by expert teachers and authentic experiential learning opportunities.

As Social Scientists, students will develop the skills to enable them to execute their own research and generate new lines of enquiry. Drawing together theory and findings from research, students will challenge their own thought processes and consider modern explanations to make sense of human actions.

Students will become equipped with advanced knowledge and research competence, with the confidence required to succeed and further their academia in higher education and within the Social Science community.

Social Science Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Curriculum Principles

· To allow student curiosity and questioning which challenge theoretical and research concepts.
· To embrace authentic and real life learning in the classroom to enrich and enhance student interests.
· To embed teaching and learning research to support distributed practice and understanding of holistic concepts of the course.
· To create independence and specialisms which stem from own student’s enthusiasm.
· To support and encourage scholarly in the subject field and careers.