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In order to meet the diverse educational needs of all students here at Maltby Academy, we offer an individualised integrated learning programme to selected students, to ensure that all are given the opportunity to develop and progress to meet
age-related expectations
 as they transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3. Our curriculum offers a bespokeenriching and intense provision that integrates literacy and reading with humanities subjects, including geographyhistory and life skills. Our curriculum aims to provide a nurturing environment, wherein students are exposed to the wonders of the world, differing cultures, societies and religions, and major historical events, that have shaped the way in which we live today. Significantly, at the core of this provision, is the study of both fiction and non-fiction texts, that aim to provide students with the means to develop basic, yet necessaryliteracy skills.  

When students embark on this tailored curriculum, we are committed to building the confidenceenthusiasm and skills they will need to continue in education, employment or training when they leave Maltby Academy. We are determined to provide students with the necessary means and skills to be successful human beings.  In line with our high expectations, the students experience a broad, bespoke curriculum that suits their individual needs, increases their cultural awareness and
 enhances their life chances.